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New products range development according to EN (DIN)

17 июня 2020

An integral part of pre-insulated district heating and cooling systems are air release ball valves or so-called service ball valves. Depending on the location of the shut-off valve (ball valve with extension spindle), one or two service ball valves (before and after the ball valve on the main galley) are mounted on the pipeline. As part of the promotion of LD underground ball valves according to EN 488 on the European markets, LD has developed and launched service ball valves for underground installation according to EN (DIN) DN20-100, PN 2,5-4,0MPa.

      This ball valves products range has the following distinctive features:

- combined connection thread/welding;

- installation  length of the ball valve is at least 500 mm;

- body parts made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т;

- tapered stem shell;

- the ball valve is operated by a hexagon with a flag indicating the position of the ball;

- thread end is equipped with a brass plug for hexagon.  

In spite of the fact that this products range is designed especially for the European market, in Russia, it has already begun to appear in heating and cooling supply systems.